Movement from one location to another is a big deal in our culture today.   Work, school, church, football games, dinner with friends, trips to the beach or the hunting lodge … regardless of where we are headed, we want to arrive with efficiency and safety.  

In order to protect the investment you have made in purchasing tires and to provide the best and safest driving experience, you should absolutely make TIRE ROTATION & ALIGNMENT a priority.  Most makes/models of vehicles suggest rotating and aligning tires every 6 months or 7,500 - 10,000 miles.    

WHAT IS TIRE ROTATION?  Great question!   Tire rotation is the regular changing of tire positions to make certain that the tires have an equal amount of wear and tear. 

Weight, pressure, braking,  steering, road conditions, type of vehicle and types of usage  all contribute to the wearing of your tire’s tread and overall lifespan.   Rotating the tires distributes this wear and tear so that your tires are better balanced and have a more even wear process.  

WHAT IS TIRE ALIGNMENT?  Alignment is an adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension system that affects the angle and direction of the tires and affects the way that tires make contact with the road.  

Pot holes, curbs, braking, and general usage can cause the alignment and suspension components to be unbalanced.  Wheel alignment ensures that your wheels and their angles are pointing in the same directions and keeps your vehicle straight and true as you drive.  This is important to prevent premature wear and tear on your tires, pulling to the left or right felt at the steering wheel, or damaged suspension.

While rotation and alignment may seem very similar, they have different purposes and are both important to providing a safe, smooth ride and ensuring the longevity of your tires.   

At Tillema Auto, we are proud to offer our customers an accurate and superior alignment with the Hunter Hawkeye Alignment Machine.  Let us help you Improve the life of your tires, protect your investment and make your driving experience one that is well-balanced, safe and enjoyable.  

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